This is directed to anyone who desires to order products and/ or services with Dr. Todd. First, I must say that Todd is a very dear person, He is ALWAYS there for his clients, he is very professional, very polite, he gets straight to the point of things and he recommendations are always in the clients best interest, he is truly here to help you so, if you are seeking honest, professional work in a spiritual manner you have found the right one, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. When I first met Dr. Todd, my life was cold, dark , negativity was all around me, nothing but horrible things were occurring in my life, my mind was all messed up…well I had a spell cast with Dr. Todd, he told me exactly what happened {how I got into that state} and what was needed to remove those things through his work I was able to get my life back on track. I did what Dr. Todd told me to do and people he is magnificent… because my life has changed….. I am BETTER, my mind is clear, I can rest comfortably, bad habits exist no more, a tremendous weight has been lifted off me and now I live in peace, joy, happiness and love that’s not all…..last week I began some MONEY ATTRACTION/ DRAWING work along with Dr. Todd on a Thursday night . Well, on the first day after my money bath {Friday} Fed Ex delivered a check to me from my former employer, the following Monday I won a double pay out on a scratch off lottery ticket and on today, Thursday a week after my money work, I got a call stating that I have a $10,000 check in with my name on it { NO MESS THIS IS FOR REAL } !!!!!! So again, to anyone who is considering Dr. Todd’s work do not hesitate on giving him a try…..E-mails: manifest spell or

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